Artifacts, Temples, White Dragon

A seven month summary

Note: We played on and off for 7 months, skipping lots of weeks because people couldn’t make it

After obtaining the Red Dragon mask, the party learned the locations of the remaining dragons from Mantis. They also learned that they were too weak to fight them, and they would need the power of several artifacts on another continent to help them. Over several months, the party obtained 4 artifact weapons while fighting Owlbears, Giant Spiders, constructs, Corrupted Ogres and Mogor, who ended up joining the party.

With their new power, they traveled back to war-torn Winterhaven, which just finished its successful coup at the cost of many lives and heavy damage to the infrastructure of the city. Perhaps if the adventurers stayed to assist this coup, it would have saved these lives and buildings, including the last remnant of Fargrim’s order – the Temple of Midas.

With all of their stored possessions gone, they paid for transport north to the Orcish mountains. The party secured the Red Dragon Mask at a temple atop a mountain belonging to Order of the Gauntlet. Then, they traveled to the White Dragon Cyrathall, who was imprisoned by tendrils protruding from the earth. The adventurers killed Cyrathall’s captors and freed him, and he returned the favor by not trying to kill them and giving them White Dragon Mask.


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