Winterhaven and Forger's Hold

An introduction to Baricus

The party attended a public execution of one of the members of Forger’s Hold, the mercenary camp. The execution was interrupted by Atherian, but his attempt was thwarted by Zanos, Fargrim, Valarius and Mantis.

The party was commended for not running away, but then sent on a suicide mission because Arthund Hammerfall is trying to keep the populace weak and unable to revolt. Umul, son of Arul intercepts them on the mission and warns them, and they are able to overcome the ambush by hiding a cursed map in a passing cart. Umul, son of Arul then leads them to Forger’s Hold, where they meet Galiendor, the leader of the mercenaries.


Mitch_DM Mitch_DM

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