The Fledgling Red Dragon

The party left the Red Claw hideout and returned to Forger’s Hold to find that they are reviled for provoking a local druid by not compensating him for his service. The druid had been killing the residents of Forger’s Hold over the last 18 hours, in a different animal form every time. They make the short journey to the druid and manage to calm him down, giving him Malek’s Horn as payment for his service.

After a rest in the mercenary camp, Balasaar puts on the Dragon Mask and is knocked unconscious briefly. When he awakes, he can hear the thoughts of 4 other beings, all wearing similar Dragon Masks. The mask also shows a pale red glow towards some nearby hills, which the party pursues.

They party heads out into the wilderness toward the red glow, and run into a travelling gambler and his bodyguard. They gamble some, then murder the gambler but his guard escapes back to Forger’s Hold, spreading the news.

After reaching the glow, they find a Wizard raising a very young red dragon. Zanos skillfully convinces the Dragon that his owner is weak and the dragon pounces on him, killing him.

The dragon was still hostile to the intruders, and they eventually killed him. Zanos and Balasaar were considering attempting to tame the dragon, but Fargrim and Valerious felt compelled to slay it instead. The party finds a sizable hoard of treasure for such a young dragon.


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