Ravencrest is a medium sized town, home to 4000-5000 people, mostly human. The town is benevolently ruled by a council of 7 elders, the Ravencrest High Council. A sizable army of several hundred is at the command of the council, and cohorts are often dispatched to the surrounding area to investigate various types of trouble. Ravencrest lacks solid trade connections and doesn’t produce many desirable goods, so the town is relatively poor (but food is plentiful).

The people of Ravencrest are cheerful and welcoming to outsiders, because travelers are one of their main sources of income. The surrounding farmland is fertile, so food is abundant and cheap.


  1. Ravencrest’s iron mines have been commandeered by Undead. Every attempt to regain control or even scout the mines has not returned
  2. Ravencrest (and other small towns) is in an ongoing conflict with Winterhaven.


  • Fighters’ Guild Liaison
  • Magic Trinket shop owner
  • Thieves’ Guild Fence
  • Ravencrest High Council

Notable Buildings

  • General Store
  • Blacksmith
  • Magic Trinket shop
  • Council’s Hall


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