Forger's Hold


Forger’s Hold is a large mercenary camp of around 1500 people including women and children, where most of the citizens live inside the wooden walls. The surrounding lands are raided consistently by profit-driven bandits, and defending against these bandits is the primary job for the mercenaries. Citizens of the surrounding major cities come to the camp to assign more prominent or specific jobs on a regular basis.

The overall demeanor in the town is serious but optimistic. The very mixed-race atmosphere in a prominently human region creates a community bond that keeps the mercenaries loyal to each other.

The population is more or less desensitized to death and violence. Mercenaries kill and are killed on a regular basis.


  • ~100 Laborers (Hunter, Woodcutter, Miner)
  • ~800 Military/City Watch/Mercenary
  • ~50 Trader/Retail
  • ~500 Not in workforce

All of the commodities that are expected in a large town are present. There are basic amenities and goods, exceptional weapons and armor, a decent supply of consumable magic items, and little in the way of books and nobility.

Notable Buildings

  • Tavern – The Fat Horse
  • Blacksmith
  • Alchemist
  • Spell scrolls

Forger's Hold

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