Rogue Thief, Neutral Evil


Valerious was left alone after his parents died from plague when he was seven years of age. He made his home in “The Gutter”, a notorious area of his home city which harbored scum and villainous types of individuals. To survive he picked pockets of locals and lifted whatever food he could manage from stalls and vendors of local shoppes.

As he grew older, opportunities for thievery became increasingly more lucrative… and dangerous. As a young adult, Valerious harbored vast hatred for the wealthy upper class targeting to exploit their wealth for his own personal gain.

One night young Valerious set his sight on the prized Ashford Family Chalice. Lord Ashford was a prominent and influential individual, who is heir to a large merchant shipwright fortune. It is also common understanding this Ashford sought frequent protection from the city’s Thieves guild however Valerious had little respect for the guild and viewed them as ‘pretentious’ and ‘arrogant’.

The job was simple, or at least, so he thought… clear the fence, dodge the guards, scale the roof, and an easy climb down to the Ashford’s mantle piece where he can swipe the chalice and get out safely. Everything went according to plan until after he scaled on top of the roof, as he descended down his rope through the skylight his rope broke sending him falling nearly 15 feet and shattering his ankle on his landing. His crash alerted Ashford’s guard who captured Valerious and brought him to Lord Ashford himself.

Seeing the amateur talent that Valerious possessed, instead of killing him like he would any other normal burglar, Ashford sold him to the thieves guild for servitude.

Valerious spent several years after with the thieves guild training and learning from them as their understudy. As his abilities grew, so did his prestige within the guild, Valerious was no longer regarded as a simple servant, but instead a vetted member of their underground society. Valerious soon became caught up in the politicking and social disagreements within the higher levels of the guilds elite, and left them in order to pursue his own selfish needs, however he still calls on his guild contacts from time to time…


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