Realgar Farcrest

Human Ranged Fighter



Realgar grew up a normal middle class child in Winterhaven, his father was a Hunter and his mother a Tailor. He became his father’s apprentice at 13 years old and learned how to hunt with a crossbow. After doing this for five years, he wanted more excitement in his life so he joined Forger’s Hold, a nearby mercenary camp. He took they highest paying jobs he could find over the 8 years he stayed there, disregarding the morality of his actions and just focusing on the rush of combat and the luxury of gold. After a particularly gruesome assignment, he was horrified and disbanded from Forger’s Hold and set up an isolated camp in the mountains to the north to contemplate what he wanted to do with his life.

After a few years of isolation, he decided that he had caused too much suffering and that he must dedicate his life to eradicating evil. Through quiet observation he saw that nearly all Drow were selfish, power hungry creatures that had no compassion for other races (and hardly any even for each other). One extreme incident in a half-orc border city led to him leaving his camp and dedicating himself to stopping the evils of the Drow.

Realgar Farcrest

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