Dwarf Paladin


Fargrim is a Dwarf Paladin from the Order of Midas. He is the last surviving member of this order, as the other members were slain in battle with one of Tiamat’s chromatic spawn, Vitraxia. He has since sworn vengeance upon all evil dragons, especially chromatic dragons. He worships the god Bahamut, and supports his cause because Bahamut is the arch enemy of Tiamat. Fargrim also inherited the dwarven sense of frugality. Some may call it greed, or “jewishness” but Fargrim is always on the lookout for treasure to increase his wealth. Fargrim is also obsessed with becoming more powerful and acquiring as many powerful items as possible in his quest to destroy Tiamat.

As a member of the Order of Midas, Fargrim wasn’t permitted to take a lover, but since the order persists through Fargrim alone, he probably wouldn’t say no to a warm bed.


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