Dragonborn Barbarian


Balasaar of The Molockian Clan comes from a proud, well respected, and somewhat mysterious clan. The Molockian Clan is known around the world(s) for its exceptional craftsmanship of steel weapons. The clan exports its steel weapons to generate revenue, although The Molockian are known to be self sufficient. Balasaar is a 20 year old Dragonborn adventurer. He puts his clan before his own family and is very proud of his fellow Molockians. Balasaar served the ranks as a lieutenant and was gifted with excellent fighting skills. He has an ex-wife named Tyro and a 3 year old son named Helios. Balasaar instilled the wisdom of his clans namesake into Helios before leaving his clan to pursue his ultimate purpose in life. After leaving the military of his clan, Balasaar finds himself adrift in the cosmos and knows he is destined for greatness. He often thinks upon his home and child but knows that his quest serves a much higher cause. Balasaar is aligned as chaotic neutral, knowing above all else his personal freedom is most important.

Bond: Balasaar was gifted a DIre Bear tooth amulet from his father before he died, Balasaar does not take it off ever and fears what would happen if he did.

Flaw: Balasaar is not very eloquent and in turn socially awkward, particularly around females of all different races.


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