The Red Claw cont'd

Delving deeper into the caverns, the party finds their captured companion Zanos in a crude cage and sets him free. They continue on and find the leader of the Red Claw sitting on his throne in a chamber, and try to sneak up on him. In the ensuing fight, Zanos was downed but the adventurers prevailed over the bandit leader and his many summoned fire elementals. The party gained several magic items from this fight: a scroll that permanently enchants a weapon to return when thrown, a +1 mace and an eyeless Dragon Mask with unknown properties.

Instead of returning to Forger’s Hold, the party rests inside the caverns and then decides to explore beyond the other two stone doors in the first room. The middle door contained the demon Arturis, imprisoned a weakened state as a trap to intruders. He was defeated by the party, and they took his sword and shield.

The third door contained a room with a treasure chest across a pit of lava. Four small moving pillars moved laterally across the pit, spaced out in 10 foot increments. Valarious tied a rope to an arrow, shoots it into the chest across the pit and hands the loose end to Fargrim, who holds it firmly. Using this rope, Valarious jumps between the pillars – falling onto his belly on the third and knocking over the fourth, nearly falling into the lava and dying. He tried to open the chest but was (semi) surprised to find that it was a mimic. With the help of the party across the pit, the mimic was dispatched and Valarious recovered a magical javelin then returned to safety on the other side of the lava using the now tightly secured rope.


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