Slaying Titus

Efficiency trumps morality

Fargrim, Valarious, and Balasaar talked to Galiendor and accepted a contract to kill Titus, the leader of a cult to Malek. The cult is devoted to causing misery and pain in their patron’s name, and Titus has accelerated their efforts by kidnapping people from nearby towns. Irien, a more senior mercenary, escorts the party to the cult’s location and they start their infiltration.

Within 1 minute of coming into contact with the blue-robed civilians, Valarious shoots a woman in the neck with an arrow, killing her. Her family and friends try to run up the dirt road to the marketplace, but one is captured and bound.

The party decides to take the dead woman’s body up the road and lie to the guards to try and gain entrance to the village. The guards believe their story so they don’t attack, but it is standard procedure for newcomers to live outside of the main village until they prove loyal. Enraged by this, Balasaar hurls the corpse at the guard, missing entirely and initiating combat.

The party dispatches all of the guards and loots them, finding Malek’s Horn. They then disguise themselves in the guards’ robes and infiltrate the town hall to enter the shrine to Malek, where Titus’s throne is. They approach him (which is an obvious transgression in this society) and are attacked by Titus and a living statue of Malek. The party kills Titus, and use his casting focus to disintegrate the statue.


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